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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 11, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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hello, everybody. great viral videos are coming your way "right this minute." sightseers take a road trip after a storm. >> they are getting blown away by the video. >> waterfalls spouting out of mountains leave them anything but speechless. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> a simple picture is grabbing attention on the anniversary of 9/11. people are so moved by this photo and moved to share their
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own stories. >> a young man who was an eighth grader at the twin towers when the news broke. >> it hit home. >> this guy plans to let go of the bike. >> and reached back down and grab the seat. >> why things didn't go as planned. >> if you want a new ipad mini, we've got the buzz word for your chance to win. a bear holds up golf play, but the show is worth it. >> this is the third day. >> just popped up. nature going crazy. the first one is from the sierra nevada mountains. >> this whole seen is active again. >> oh, hold, hold, hold. the ground we are standing on is starting to crack. it's like a mini little
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earthquake going on. >> there we go. a little piece flew into the air. >> oh, wow! >> yeah, baby. >> see that? you see the big circle. it all chips and releases. >> do you realize how rare this is? you are watching rock smooth. this takes millions of years to happen. suddenly this guy was present when this cracked, with a camera rolling -- wow! >> yeah, baby. >> oh, my god. please be careful. it's two feet up. >> we've got more amazing footage. we got it, as well, flooding. there are lots of videos to show the flooding, but no videos like this one. >> this flooded the highway in
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the middle of the desert. this is on i-15. they were traveling between utah and mesquite, nevada, when they saw this. >> look at that. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> think that wall exploded. >> it's unbelievable. they are on the highway then the face of the cliff just separates, as well. they are lucky they didn't get caught in anything more serious. anything can happen. from a time point of view? >> holy [ bleep ]. >> the robberies in these two videos are aggressive and scary. they happened fast. this was a pizza shot in italy. the guy with the hat brings out a hand gun, points it at the
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cashier and pulls the trigger twice. >> what? >> you see the guy runs off. they continue to follow him with the hand gun. the hand gun was jammed, so it didn't actually fire. you see they are all in a brawl now. the other guy still trying to fire the hand gun. fortunately, that does not work. you see the second person here goes to the register, tries to get money while the employee is smacking him away. they did get away with 50 euros, about $65 u.s. dollars. >> did they catch these guys? >> amazingly, because of the footage and the fact they were already on house arrest, they did end up fighting them. they were 36 and 37 years old. this other vicious attack happened in scotland. you see the employee behind the counter. before you know it, the customer
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pulls out a big old knife and starts trying to stab thatoy that's a huge knife. at that moment the employee decides i'm going to jump over and run for my life. >> good for you, man. >> this guy takes the knife, tries to break into the cash register. ends up taking the whole thing when he can't break into it, rips it off the wall and is seen walking away with it under his arm. unfortunately, police are still looking for this guy. police hoping someone recognizes this guy and calls police. if you are a frequent cyclist, pay attention. this guy riding in oregon approaching a four-way intersection. it is a four-way stop. he proceeds after he stops.
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he gets punted. almost immediately after rounding that left car, the lexus suv clearly blowing that stop sign. this is probably the most polite collision you may ever witness. >> yes, i'm all right. >> sorry about that. >> all right. >> this is a great example how something should go down. >> about all you are going to need in fault was this statement. >> i accidentally ran the stop sign. >> case closed. >> also on two wheels. >> oh, no. he really missed the seat. >> yeah. intention is to let go, reach back down, grab the seat, pull the bike back down under you and land safely. looks nasty on his instagram page. he says fractured wrist. that's all he had.
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>> it's so devastating to watch him miss the grab and try to reach that second time. then you just see his arms flailing. get ready. we are giving away another ipad mini in another little while. you are going to need thursday's buzz wood, be 18 years old and a u.s. legal resident. stand by for the rtm ipad give away. 13 years ago today, the 9/11 terrorist attacks changed our country and changed our world. there is a story that's resonating online today. this photo was posted on redit. this is a family standing on top of the world trade center.
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look at that ticket, 9:39 the day before. in the center is john. he was in the eighth grade visiting new york with his family from michigan. they were scheduled to leave that night. decided they wanted to see the world trade center, took this photo and were able to catch a flight and get back to michigan. the next morning woke up to see the tower they had just been standing on collapsing. >> i feel chills just thinking about this. >> if you look on red it, this is trending. people are so moved by this photo and moved to share their own stories. to tell us more about this photograph and this experience, we have john via skype right this minute. he is now almost 27 years old. welcome to the show, john. >> glad to be here. >> this is such a moving photo you chose to share today. did you just find the photo? >> we kept the photos and stuff together the best we could. a couple of friends brought it up last year and asked why i
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didn't post it? i did last year. it didn't get much reception last year, i thought i should probably post it on the date we were there. it exceeded my expectations significantly. >> tell us what it was like the next morning when you got home and saw the footage we are seeing all over the world. >> our flight arrived in detroit 4:00 in the morning, really late. they were tired. we stayed in a hotel room. first thing i woke up to it was already on the television and i saw the towers burning. i didn't understand what was happening. when the second tower got hit is when it hit home we were just there. >> what about now when you look back at this photograph, does it still give you chills or do you have a better understanding of the magnitude of that event? >> as an adult, it's much more significant to me. at the very least, it's an interesting story to tell. i'm entirely grateful my parents
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decided not to stay the extra day. there's plenty of room on either side of the tracks. where do you think this guy is driving? >> why picking the lane isn't their strong suit. what? >> the little boy who really loved his broccoli. this is a whole thing. starts with back pain... and a choice. tatakeke 4 4 a advdvilil i in n2 aleve for all day relief. hohoneney,y, y youou didid d itit!! bababyby l lauaughgh!
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the drivers in these two videos clearly failed the idiot test. three lanes in one direction on the left, three lanes in one direction on the right and two clearly defined tram tracks in the middle. where is this guy driving? down the middle of the tram track. right into a train. >> he's driving next to another tram. at what point do you look over and go, crap, i'm in the wrong lane? >> doesn't look like they hit with any minor impact. >> he looks like he thought he was in the right place. >> i can't imagine what the train guys thought seeing that come down the track. >> did that guy hit his breaks? >> looks like the front of the fan gets it a little bit. >> the next failure is this police officer. watch to the right here. she stops. looks like he might make a right hand turn.
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changes his mind. puts on the reds and blues and the siren for about a second before he darts out into an intersection, clearly against the light. it's like he thought the lights and sirens would make him invincible. those people had no chance to stop in time. >> kind of fun to see the police car pinto. >> real turd wagon of a police car. >> little nolan 1 year old loves his veggie. eating a whole head of broccoli. >> we were going to steam this, then he decided to eat it all. >> just face plants in the broccoli. >> going to be all over my bed. look at the broccoli in my bed.
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>> beautiful. >> this little boy really enjoys mom's veggies, doing the hula hoop and does it better than his 3-year-old sister and he likes that. he's good, isn't he? >> at the end, little sister basically gives up. he drops the hula hoop. >> we've got to keep that off the highway. >> that's next "right this minute." >> he performs the hits like a pro. now he's blowing the minds of everyone -- ♪ sure he's opening up >> he's the man with the amazing
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the really awesome thing about the internet, people win credible talent will pop-up
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seemingly out of nowhere and get the attention they really, really deserve. ♪ i'll be the one you want me to be ♪ >> this is 59-year-old michael in ontario, canada. he is playing what is an art installation. this piano was put together by an artist for the coberg music experience. it's there for anybody to come and just sit down and play some music. michael sat down, started playing and is blowing the minds of everyone who sees this video. you can hear he is playing "say something" by a great big world. ♪ share something i'm giving up on you ♪
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>> an incredible talent. >> i want the album. >> you can go on sound cloud and download michael's music. he's that big. we have michael right this minute. are you a musician by trade? do you play anywhere else? do you play as a profession? >> i did 30 years, then i stopped ten years ago. i just started working on my own first album myself. i have a keyboard at home but it doesn't have a real piano. when i went downtown and saw this beautiful piano, just sat down and people stopping by. it's a great place for me to practice. >> was it the video or this moment that inspired you to start up with music again after having left it ten years ago? >> through very weird memory things i lost my memory short and long term two years. i just got it back this winter when they changed some medications and fixed the problems. i realized, i better start doing
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what i love doing again while i've got the second chance to do it. >> how does it feel to bring these worlds of art together? >> it's sitting there with those huge eyes staring at you, but it's kind of inspiring. it attracts people from all ages, old to young. i'm just enjoying myself. ♪ say something i'm giving up on you ♪ >> in vegas, you get a floor show with your dinner. at the fairmont hot springs resort in vancouver, canada, you get a circus act. that happened on the golf course when this lovely little bear, and there are three others there, decided to give them a little circus act. >> you are hilarious. >> if there are bear cubs around, you know mama is somewhere close by. >> after getting a good scratch, let me give these golfers a show.
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>> they had enough with the pole, but then there was a golf ball. >> gone. look at that. put it in the hole, buddy. there goes your ball. >> if an animal moves your ball, you are not penalized. put it back to where the ball was taken. >> i've heard of an eagle, but i've never seen a bear. >> all right, it's time to give away an ipad mini. you are going to need thursday's buzz word, be 18 years old and a u.s. legal resident. head over to and click on win an ipad. you can win on each every day. >> ready to reveal thursday's buzz word? >> yes. >> it is whistle. get over to, click on win ipad button and enter whistle.
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good luck, everybody! >> it's the remake of one hot music video. >> you notice, these dancers have something special about them. you see that? >> oh, wow! >> how they are showing the world, sexy doesn't end with cancer.
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once you get there and want to try, you go. >> that's cool.
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>> this dance may look familiar to some of you. >> what you are looking at is a remake of "call on me." these dancers have something special about them. you see that? some of these dancers are cancer survivors. some are currently battling the disease. active against cancer, an organization that wants people to be active after they get a cancer diagnosis and after their treatment, they want to make this video to show people you can still be sexy after a cancer diagnosis. it helps in their recovery. they got eight women together, trained them and took them from norway to london to the studio where the original video was shot to do a remake of this video. it is a nearly shot for shot
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remake. in a making of video you see what they look like before they got make-up and hair for this video. take tal they talked about what it was like. they said doing this really helped them a lot. >> this is spectacular. it gave them a goal. something to work toward. something fun. they were also all in the same boat. they were sharing this experience together and shared this cancer experience together. >> it is seriously a cool video. really cool. >> that's going to do it for us here on "right this minute." see you next time, everybody. -- captions by vitac --
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i'm beth troutman. this is the viral video show "right this minute." fishermen confront a guy who has them outraged. way is doing that causes a boat load of trouble. >> that's so [ bleep ] stupid. >> a tanker truck heads for a bridge and right there, boom, takes that bridge out. the freeway carnage after one major miscalculation. >> a new project aiming to keep new yorkers warm this winter. >> we've been fighting for heat for a really long time. >> how you can


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